Welcome to Mama’s Shoes!

Welcome to Mama’s Shoes! A new blog focused on the world of patent leather pumps, patterned platforms and occasional phalange pain!

My love for shoes began in 2001. I was two years out of college, living in Chicago, insecure about my professional credentials and low on cash. I worked with women who had gorgeous hair, gorgeous bags, gorgeous clothes. How was I to find my niche? SHOES…distinct, somewhat edgy, conversation-starting shoes! I found two stores (names to be remembered!) that sold wonderful, affordable shoes.

My love for shoes blossomed, and I continued to push the edge as to what I could/should wear to work while still pursuing a growing professional communications career.

After getting married and having two kids, my love for shoes was overshadowed by my love for my family. Until recently. I don’t know if it was the spring air or this season’s colorful trends, but my love for shoes has sprung yet again!

Some add a punch of color, some color their hair, some wear unique jewelry. Me? I choose shoes!

I invite you to join me as I venture again into the wonderful world of shoes…

Happy shoeing!


One thought on “Welcome to Mama’s Shoes!

  1. As a mama with bad feet, being confined to “comfortable and sensible” shoes, I look forward to more Mama’s Shoes posts. I dream of happy shoeing!!!!

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