What’s with the Light Up Shoes?

Why are children attracted to these awful looking, hard-to-clean light up shoes? Why are moms and Mimis compelled to give into these desires (or even encourage them – MOM!)?

As I pondered these oh-so important questions, I put myself in William’s shoes (pun intended).

I guess walking around with lights on your feet could be as gratifying as walking around with 4″ heels. It’s flashy. That said, my shoes are hidden by work pants; his shoes literally flash.

I guess running up to your friends at daycare to show them your light up shoes is like walking into the office and hoping people notice your brand new kicks.

I guess tapping your friends’ light up shoes with your light up shoes is like high-fiving your coworker when you take a late lunch to capitalize on an awesome shoe sale at Off Broadway Shoes.

And I guess William’s Spidey shoes are easier to clean than satin heels or lace covered pumps.



3 thoughts on “What’s with the Light Up Shoes?

  1. Love this post! Made me LOL! I can just see William running up to the kids at school to show off his spidey shoes! 🙂

  2. If they made light up shoes in my size I’d buy a pair! I am jealous of William! I think light up shoes are fabulous! Mimi knows what she is doing!

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