Christian Lou’BOO’tin

A month or so ago, we celebrated my husband’s 40th birthday in Las Vegas. It was perhaps the best group trip/celebration we’ve ever had…but I digress!

Whenever we’re in Vegas, my husband and I cannot help but shop! We would much prefer to spend our time and money in Caesar’s Forum shops than at a black jack table. For months leading up to our trip, I prepared him for my highly anticipated Christian Louboutin purchase. Vegas has not one – but two – Louboutin boutiques!

I’ve long pictured myself in those amazing, classic, black high-heeled pumps with the unmistakable glossy red sole. Oh the excitement! I could not wait!

As I entered the boutique, my heart stopped. I had spotted THE shoe. The 4.75″ Pigalle Plato Platform Pumps in black patent leather. PURE PERFECTION. And sold out.

Ok, let’s try the 4″ Pigalle Point-Toe Pumps in black patent leather. Sold out.

Ok. The 4″ Pigalle Point-Toe Pumps in black leather. Sold out.

Do you have any shoe in my size? The 4″ Pigalle Point-Toe Pumps in beige leather. OK!

As I slipped my foot into this iconic shoe, I couldn’t wait to feel the gentle hug of my new best friends. But this was no hug, this was an unbearable pinching of my toes.

Rewind….aren’t Christian Louboutin’s the most comfortable high fashion shoe? Don’t celebrities rave about how the footbed is one of the most comfortable in the industry?

Something must be wrong. Nope. According to the not-at-all helpful store manager, many people have the same issue. I just have to break them in. But not to worry, they stretch.

Now…I have tried on MANY a pair of shoes in my life and some have been uncomfortable. But I will tell you I have never been so eager to take OFF a pair of shoes. Even if I enrolled those shoes in a Bikram yoga class, those puppies were never going to stretch enough to be comfortable.

As I left the store, I spotted yet another pair that may work. Sold out.

Defeated, I gave up. What I envisioned being the most exhilarating shoe shopping experience of my life ended up being a bust. Christian Lou’BOO’tin.


3 thoughts on “Christian Lou’BOO’tin

  1. Really?? You have just burst my Louboutin bubble. I’m sad. 😦 I have lusted after a pair of red-soled beauties for quite some time… But maybe I should be happy that I won’t have to spend $795 on a pair of shoes that aren’t world their cost?

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