Do Our Pumps Need Sole Mates?

How often do we look at the soles of pumps and high heels (excluding Christian Louboutins. How could you miss those cherry red soles?!)? Should we pay attention to the soles of non-CL shoes? Honestly, I don’t know.

Arch Tags™ are patent pending stickers for the sole of high-heeled shoes. They are tear proof, removable, and can be transferred to another pair. Simply trim along the special pattern on the reverse side, peel off the backing and smooth onto the arch of your shoe!

Designs range from hounds tooth and argyle to cow print and tiger print; from fleur-de-lis and paisley to bling and skulls.

As a shoe purist, I would tend to steer clear of these embellishments. Wear your heels as they were intended. (Well…except when experimenting with H&M barrettes!) That said, I am intrigued by this concept.

So I ask…do our pumps need sole mates?

I welcome your thoughts.


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