The Perfect Lunch – Sun, Salad, Sprouting Success and Shoes

Over the last two months, I have taken to ‘volunteering’ for two entrepreneurs in an effort to get their startups off the ground. I spend nights and weekends brainstorming ideas, drafting business strategies and hoping these two individuals achieve their dreams.

Today, I met one of these entrepreneurs for lunch. It is a gorgeous Denver day – sunny and 75 degrees. As we were escorted to our table outside, the hostess immediately noticed my shoes. Thanks!

We sat outside and munched on delicious salads. Over lunch, my colleague informed me she was approached by a venture capital firm focused on early stage tech startups. It’s just an informational meeting…but the progress is absolutely AMAZING!! I am so incredibly happy for her.

As we finished lunch and discussed next steps regarding marketing efforts, revenue forecasting and intern assignments, the waitress approached with the dessert menu and noticed my shoes. Thanks, again! And I ordered cookies and cream cheesecake.

After paying the bill and scheduling a Sunday evening meeting, I walked back to the car. As I passed a lady in the parking lot, she commented on my shoes. Thanks, yet again!

All in all, today’s lunch was perfect. Sun, salad, sprouting success and three shoe compliments!


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