When Your Shoes Arrive Before You Do

Today, I am wearing one of my favorite pairs of shoes! Nautical pumps that I bought seven years ago at Closet Classics Caffeine and Clothing in Milwaukee.

I have a lot of fun wearing these shoes as they always seem to make people smile!

One of my colleagues came to chat this morning, and upon walking into my cave, gasped ‘OMG’ and pointed at something in my direction. Was my fly down? Did I walk into the office with toilet paper stuck to my foot? Was there a dead mouse under my desk? What?!

“Those shoes,” she replied smiling. And we began to talk shop.

During our debriefing, we heard two peers snickering nearby. They, too, were pointing at my shoes. After discussing the shoes’ where, when and why, one literally said, “Oh, by the way, good morning, Abby. Your shoes arrived before you did today.”


Thank you to the amazing shoe designers and manufacturers who create shoes that arrive before the people wearing them. It is a testament to your creativity and craftsmanship. Without the fruits of your labor, life would be just a little bit less fun!


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