Pumps, Puppies and Pain

Liberty and her ‘cousin’ Francie

Last night, I met a great friend’s new puppy, and it brought back memories of my 9-year-old border collie-shepherd mix’s younger days.

I adopted Liberty on the Fourth of July from the South Haven, Michigan Humane Society. She was four months old and absolutely adorable. I was smitten with this animal!

She tore up my area rug. Oh puppy!

She gnawed the legs of my chairs. Awe, she’s teething!

She slept on the tops of my couch cushions. She looks so comfortable!

This dog could do no wrong until…

After running errands one afternoon, I came home to find my FAVORITE pair of shoes – black and white patent leather wing tip pumps – destroyed. Heels chewed off. Patent leather ripped to shreds. And my heart torn apart.

How could she do this!?!

I was so mad I didn’t know what to do. For two days, I gave her the silent treatment. (Please note:  This event occurred before the rise of Caesar Milan.)

It’s been a wonderful nine years, and I really wouldn’t change a thing (except her destroying my shoes; and her $3,000 root canal). I’ve learned to put my shoes away, and she’s learned to stay away from the heels.

I love you, Liberty!


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