Our daycare occasionally hosts Scholastic Book Fairs that go a little something like this. You enter daycare and are immediately welcomed by a sea of red cardboard book stands overflowing with colorful covers and clever titles.

Moms and dads carefully select titles; kids flip through book after book begging for this one or that one; daycare staff try to calculate totals. It’s wonderful scholastic chaos!

But our most recent book fair was different. It started off as a typical day. I dropped off the kids in their rooms and was exiting the building when I spotted a pink sparkly book. For those that know me, I am not a pink sparkly book type of girl! But I was drawn to it nonetheless.

by Karen Beaumont, LeUyen Pham (illustrator)

Why had I not noticed this book before? I picked it up and began to read.

Shoes with zippers, Shoes with straps,
Shoes with buckles, Shoes with taps.

I love this book! I looked up to see if anyone noticed my excitement.

Cowgirl, rock star, princess, bride…
This pair? That pair? Can’t decide!

Pure genius! At this point, my mouth was wide open.

Eeny, meeny, my, oh, my
Just don’t know which shoes to buy!

Although I had already purchased my kids’ books, I hightailed it back to the Director’s desk. I had to own this masterpiece!

In the end, the four girls make/decorate their own shoes (something I wouldn’t dare do!)…but how could I not love this witty children’s story about the wonderful world of shoes!


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