The Pedicure

We can’t talk about cute summer sandals and peep toe pumps without discussing … the pedicure.

A 30 minute escape into an oversized massage chair. The silent prayer that your nail technician is talked out for the day, and you are free to dive into a pile of gossip magazines or simply close your eyes. The internal debate whether you should have selected the cherry red polish instead of the orangey red. The burning as you place your feet into water that is often too damn hot. The concentration as you try not to kick your technician in the face as she sloughs your heels. The not-so-relaxing foot and leg massage. The rebirth as new color is applied to your toes. The wanting to stay in the massage chair for just five more minutes. The freeing sensation as you remove the twisted paper or spacers from in between your toes. The walking out of the salon with brand new feet!

Tis the pedicure season! Enjoy!


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