Risk/Reward of Wearing Heels

Some of you may know my dad’s blog Risk/Reward – a unique blend of pop culture, quick wit and insight. It’s not your typical investment blog. It is one man’s personal reflection on the joys and frustrations of investing. Combining recent events and song lyrics with a dry sense of humor, he makes following the financial market entertaining even for the novice investor.

But this is not my dad’s blog…this is Risk/Reward Mama’s Shoes style!

So let’s review.

The RISK of wearing heels.
Sore feet
Sprained toes (yes, it’s true! It happened to me!)
Twisted ankles
Back and knee pain
Blisters and cuts
Possible increase risk of arthritis
Difficulty walking (for the novice heel wearer)

The REWARD of wearing heels.
Longer looking legs
Defined calf muscles
Look and feel more feminine
Look and feel taller
Look and feel sexier
Increased confidence
More stylish
Better posture
More fun
More variety

There is no better feeling than putting on a pair of fun, conversation-starting high heels. You catch people looking at your shoes while you’re waiting for lunch. People open the door for you so they can check out your footwear as you enter the building. Your colleagues enter your cave and look at your feet before making eye contact. It’s wonderful!

So in my humble opinion, the reward of wearing heels most definitely outweighs the risk.

Happy Shoeing!

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