The Perfect Profile Page

This past week was Boulder Startup Week, a five-day event that showcases the unique startup culture of Boulder. Given that I am ‘volunteering’ my time for two startups in the Boulder/Denver area, I was reading up on the week’s events.

As I perused the write-ups, I ran across Vermilion, an integrated design and interactive agency that specializes in work for nonprofit, educational, scientific and civic organizations.

While I am quite impressed by their purpose to create work that informs, clarifies, persuades and communicates the possibilities of working together for positive change, I am MOST impressed by their ‘About Us’ page.

Several companies have taken to making their team profile pages more interesting by adding childhood pictures, funny poses or inanimate objects that represent the interests of the their teams. But I have NEVER seen a site that uses images of shoes to capture the essence of their staff! The perfect profile page! Go Vermilion!

And to Mallory Potock and Ani Hulse – I love your shoes!


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