Heel-arious Birthday Presents!

Yesterday was my birthday – a somewhat significant birthday, in fact! Despite my upcoming visit to a hair colorist and the increased number of noticeable wrinkles…I welcome birthdays! And this year’s shoe-themed gifts made this milestone alot more fun!

I woke up yesterday morning to a three-year old carrying an envelope shouting, ‘Happy Birthday, Mommy! Today is your special day!’ Inside the envelope, I found quite a substantial gift card. Who can deny the pure awesomeness of gift cards!?! Thank you, husband! I plan to do some serious DSW damage this weekend!

I walked into the office to find a tiny, wrapped present on my chair. I opened what is possibly my most favorite present of the year – Wisdom for the Sole. For those that have not yet seen/read this tiny gift book, I suggest picking it up! It is the perfect present for any shoe lover! Thank you, PR!

After settling in my cave, another colleague stopped by with a gift bag full of shoe goodies! Check out the hilarious wine holder! Handcrafted I might add.

She also presented me with a Scotch Shoe Tape Dispenser. Amazing! Thank you, LW!

Today, another colleague stopped by with shoe Post-It notes! Can’t wait to put them to use! Thank you, LO!

Thank you to LP, LM, LW and the RMP team for the birthday cards!

And thank you to the numerous birthday well-wishers!

It was a wonderful day!


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