Are Men’s Shoes as Appealing and Intriguing to Ladies as Stilletto Heels are to Men?

This post is for my dear old friend Jonathan S., who suggested that Mama’s Shoes write a special feature for Father’s Day. So today, we’re talking men’s shoes!

So…are men’s shoes as appealing and intriguing to ladies as stilletto heels are to men? Absolutely! Let me explain.

Some of the most attractive men’s shoes out there aren’t your typical black Kenneth Cole slip-ons or your brown Cole Haan lace-ups. While I love these classic shoes, there are a slew of men’s kicks that have a little different cut or alot of different color…and are just as eye catching as heels.

There is something extremely attractive about a man that can pull off a more daring shoe. Wearing shoes that require cojones, courage, confidence or simple disregard for other peoples’ opinions is just plain sexy!

Let’s examine.

Specimen 1. A touch of pink. Men who wear pink (shirts, ties, and even shoes) are stylish.





Specimen 2. Bright color. Men who can pull off colorful shoes with jeans and a casual button down or polo shirt are attractive.




Specimen 3. Unique style. Men who are confident enough in their style to know what they like despite what others may think are daring.



Specimen 4. Leather color. Men who buck the traditional chocolate brown and black leather are trendsetters.




Specimen 5. Patent leather. Men who no longer wait for prom night or their wedding day to wear patent leather shoes are spot on.




So men, here’s to you wearing daring shoes!

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Shoeing!


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