For the Love of Shoes

Fourth of July is perhaps my all-time favorite holiday! My family meets in Michigan to soak in the sun, somersault in the sand, watch the waves, eat enormous amounts of food and laugh until our bellies hurt. South Haven is where we call ‘home’ in Michigan, but one day this week, we decided to venture to Saugatuck. Known for its art galleries, boutique shops and cozy restaurants, Saugatuck was on our list of ‘to dos’ because of its Duck Boat tours. Naturally.

We headed into town on Monday only to discover the tours were sold out. So we decided to shop instead. As we turned the corner onto Butler Street, I quickly spotted For the Love of Shoes. Filled with unique shoes and shoe items, this boutique was right up my alley! Love the name; love the shoes (owned a few pairs displayed already); love the shoe paraphernalia.

After perusing for a while (and shuffling my screaming children out of the store with Mimi), I purchased a cell phone holder and a few computer/cell phone ‘tatoos’. So fun!


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