When I Be Bigger

I am pretty sure all parents think that their children are the most hiliarious kiddos in the world. And this mama is no different.

My almost one-year-old daughter’s babble is blissful; her laughs are contagious; and her infant gestures are joyous!

And my three-year-old son is a typical, inquisitive boy! He picks up bugs, rolls in the sand, rides his bike like a bat out of he**, tests our patience, tries new words without knowing the full meaning, and engages in incredibly comical conversation that often goes a little something like this…


“Yes, babe.”

“When I be bigger, I drive a motorcycle.”

“You will, but you have to eat all of your meat and veggies so you can reach the handlebars.”


“Yes, son.”

“When I be a daddy, I use a knife.”

“Correct, sir. When you grow up, you can use a knife to cut your food.”



“When I be a dog, I eat treats.”

“Yes, if you were a dog, you would eat treats when you behaved well.”


“What honey?”

“When I be a mommy, I wear these!”

“Yes, sweetheart. When you’re a mommy, you can wear as many high heels as you want!”

I absolutely love these conversations, while my husband sits back and cringes.


3 thoughts on “When I Be Bigger

  1. I love this post!! I can just hear his conversation and your perfectly worded answers!!! Simply adorable!!!

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