The Perfect Flip Flop = FitFlops

Yesterday, at my daughter’s one year old birthday/pool party, several friends inquired about my FitFlops.

While I admit they are not the most attractive shoes in the world, these flip flops are perfect for a quick dog walk, run to the grocery store, jaunt to the pool or any other flip-flop appropriate outing. If you have a use for flip flops…FitFlops are the shoes for you!

Although FitFlops claim to have muscle-building technology, my legs are unfortunately no more toned than they were prior to my wearing them. That said, my feet are alot happier! FitFlops have unbelievable support and the suede toe straps are extremely comfortable between your toes. I love my FitFlop Oasis Sandals!

FitFlops manufacture several flip flop styles – from sporty to sparkly, as well as boots, shoes, clogs and sneakers.

According to company information, FitFlop’s goal is to create fun, energizing, and beautiful shoes that, when you wear them, make you feel like you’ve got the world at your feet. While I feel more empowered wearing a 3.5″ heel, these are great weekend or errand-running shoes!

This post is for Mimi who turned me onto FitFlops a few years ago!


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