Kudos to Tall Girls who Rock High Heels

This past weekend, I had the privilege of catching up with my aunt and uncle at my cousin’s new place in downtown Denver.

As I stood there in my cowboy boots, I was quickly reminded why I usually wear heels around this side of the fam! I was easily the shortest in the room by 5 inches. And the second tallest member of the fam wasn’t there…my dear cousin LH to whom this post is dedicated!

I don’t know how tall my cousin is…I am guessing 6″1′. At any rate, this girl can rock some serious heels.

Last January, I wore 5″ platform heels to my sister’s baby shower. As we stood there drinking our Pimm’s cups, one attendee said, “You’re so lucky, LH, you don’t have to wear heels.” Without flinching, LH lifted up her dress to reveal her 5″ platform shoes and said, “You’re right. I choose to.” You go, girl!

If you read the online shoe chatter, there are quite a few differing opinions as to whether or not tall girls should wear heels…which I find absolutely RIDICULOUS!

Tall girls who rock heels are inspirational! They exude confidence. They subtly command respect. They are the envy of the vertically-challenged and the vertically-adequate.

Wouldn’t you go from tall to amazingly tall if you could? Absolutely! Isn’t being taller one of the many reasons why we all wear heels in the first place?

So here’s to girls over 5″9″ who brush off ridiculous opinions and slip into their stilettos for a Monday morning meeting, a baby shower or a fun night on the town!


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