Keep ‘Em Up!

keep em up‘Tis the season for boots! Tall, sassy boots.

That is unless they start to slouch! Ouch! There is nothing more unattractive (when it comes to boot wearing) than a boot that has lost its shape.

So what’s a girl to do when her favorite pair of boots starts to look worn? No worries…there are a few solutions!

With Elevates, you adhere magnets on the inside of your boot. Then you wear an adjustable band around your leg just below the knee. When you slip on your boot, you align the metal pieces on the band with the magnets on the boot. Each Elevates kit contains 2 adjustable leg straps, 4 magnets and 4 adhesives for $15.99. Learn more at

Boot Stay from Solutions that Stick
With Boot Stay, you stick this 7” cotton-covered adhesive onto the inside back of the boot and then wear as normal. Apparently, the cotton is enough ‘stuffing’ between your leg and the boot to keep it from slouching. Each Boot Stay kit comes with 6 cotton pieces for $9.95. Learn more at

Prevention is perhaps best!
Some have suggested that if they keep their boots in an upright position while not in use, it helps keep the leather/material from slouching around the ankle. People have used pool noodles or pieces cardboard to keep the boot shaft upright.

Regardless of your method, here’s to good-looking boots this winter season!

Happy Shoeing!


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