What’s a Heel-Lovin’ Work-From-Home Mom to Do?

red pumpLast August, I accepted a position with a wonderful company based out of Canada. I work out of the house and have the flexibility that every working mom dreams of. I transfer kiddos between schools, attend as many holiday parties and play dates as I please, and run errands during the week to beat the weekend crowds. All while having a challenging, yet rewarding career. I am indeed one lucky mama.

But there is a not-so-small piece of me that misses going into the office. Sure I miss chatting with colleagues…but I get to socialize with other moms. Yes I miss going out for lunch…but I save money by eating at home. And maybe I miss wearing dress pants and skirts…but it is a whole lot easier to throw on a pair of jeans!

The one thing I do miss with all of my heart, however, is wearing HEELS!

So what’s a heel-lovin’ work-from-home mom to do?

There is only one thing to do. Wear her heels!

I’ve decided that my beloved shoes will no longer sit untouched in my closet. Starting tomorrow, I will wear heels while I work. I may be wearing jeans (and sometimes jammies), but I will put on my pumps, strap on my sandals, don my d’Orsays and slip into my stilettos.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Happy Shoeing!


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