Mad for MINT!

MintNope. I am not talking ice cream or candy or gum. I’m talking shoes!

Mint green pumps, mint green wedges, mint green sandals, mint green flats, mint green running shoes… even mint green oxford shoes for men. Mint green footwear is everywhere!

According to fashion blogs, mint green was all the rage on the runway last year and has become the “hottest color for spring 2013.” Judging by the selection of mint green footwear, they are right.

And I kind of like it! In fact, I purchased a pair of mint green wedges just yesterday!

If you aren’t a fan of mint footwear and/or don’t want to fully commit to a mint-colored pair of shoes…no need to fear! You can always accessorize your pumps, sandals or flats with mint shoe clips!

Here’s to a great, mint-colored Spring!

Happy Shoeing!

Mint OxfordMint WedgeMint Low PumpMint Green Shoe Clip 2Mint Green Shoe Clip 1mint green shoe clip 3




7 thoughts on “Mad for MINT!

  1. Mark this in the books, I am actually on trend…with my mint green running shoes:) I am still taking credit even though they are running shoes and they were the only color they had in the only running shoes I can wear. I must say I get compliments every time I go to the gym!

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