How Soon is Too Soon?

vivi shoesI love heels. I mean really love heels. But I am not a fan of heels on little girls!  There is PLENTY of time for high heels!

Take, for example, Suri Cruise who was wearing makeup, fur and heels at the age of five! UGH! Even Manolo Blahnik doesn’t approve of high heels at five! Katie has since come to her senses…divorcing Tom AND stripping Suri of her designer dudes and heels.

But what do you do if your little girl WANTS to wear high heels? How soon is too soon? When does dress-up become dangerous?

I ask because my 18-month old daughter recently received a pair of Snow White heels (which were on clearance at Walmart for $2) from Mimi. At first, both my mom and I were hesitant to open them and give them to her. Was it too soon? Would she hurt herself?

It was her brother’s birthday (and she turned 18 months the same day), so we decided to go ahead and let her open a gift, too.


As soon as the box was open, she pulled off her socks and slipped her feet into the heels as if she already knew what to do. She confidently walked back and forth as if she were on a runway. On the carpet. On the hardwood floors. She didn’t fall or falter ONCE! When one heel accidentally fell off, she balanced on the other heel while gently slipping the other foot back into the shoe!


This is a little girl who has trouble keeping her balance in bare feet…much less running shoes. How was she doing this?

We were dumbfounded. Speechless. Amazed. Amused. And concerned.

Had we just opened Pandora’s box?

Thankfully, her heels have not become an obsession. She wears them maybe once a week…barefoot, with footed jammies, or with socks!

As she flawlessly struts her stuff down the hall and back again, I silently cheer to myself, ‘You go, girl!’ as I don’t want my little girl to grow up too fast!


One thought on “How Soon is Too Soon?

  1. Awwwwww! Such a good one! You captured the moment so well. Only left out Bills reaction !!

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