If I Weren’t So Committed to Heels…

20130202_131712…I’d have a love affair with cowboy boots! Yep! Good old fashioned cowboy boots. Yee-haw!

After my daughter and I dropped the boys off to ski the high country today, we visited one of my favorite mountain stores! Slopeside Cowboy in Breckenridge, CO.

Their collection of handcrafted boots is breathtaking. Hundreds of cowboy boots that combine vintage Old Western charm with contemporary styling. Uniquely displayed from floor to ceiling, the boots at Slopeside Cowboy are some of the most colorful, intricate and remarkable boots I’ve ever seen!

One pair in particular caught my attention.

Knowing literally nothing about cowboy boots, I inquired about the price.  The woman (who I believe owns the store) answered, “My, you have quite an eye. You picked out the most expensive pair of boots in here. These Luchesse boots are listed at $2,600, but I can give you a 10% discount.”

Choke. Cough. Laugh.

“Wow! That’s just a tad out of my price range.”

After catching my breath, I continued to admire the pair, but at a much farther distance…especially with my 18 month old in tow!

But do not despair, I found several other pairs in my price range. Unfortunately, I walked out empty-handed; but I will be back, Slopeside Cowboy!

Happy Shoeing!

20130202_131723 20130202_13174820130202_13174020130202_131728


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