Isn’t Walking in Heels Workout Enough?

workout in heelsYou’ve probably seen the articles by MSN and Wall Street Journal covering the latest workout trends like “heel hop” and “stiletto fitness.”

The goal of these classes is two-fold: to teach women how to walk in their favorite heels “without looking highly uncomfortable and awkward” and to strengthen abdominal  muscles, backs and legs so that they are “more reliable when it comes to wearing high heels.”

A few thoughts.

  1. This isn’t new. Some gyms have been offering this type of workout since 2008.
  2. A personal opinion. If women need to go to a class to learn how to walk in their shoes, they probably should have purchased kitten heels before diving into stilettos.
  3. A professional’s opinion (by Trina Altman at Your exercise routine should not reinforce the postural positions you do all day long. So if you slump over your computer all day, you probably shouldn’t hunch over your spin bike at night. And if you walk in heels all day, you probably shouldn’t go to a class that reinforces a tucked pelvis and pointed toes.
  4. A closing question. Isn’t walking in heels workout enough? For those career-crusaders and high-heeled mamas, isn’t walking to the car, bus or other transportation, dropping the kids off at daycare, climbing the stairs (multiple times a day), walking to meetings, going to the grocery store and then picking the kiddos back up at school ALL IN HEELS enough of a workout? I say yes! (But perhaps that’s just my excuse for not going to the gym! Haha!)

Happy Shoeing!


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