When Your Soles Need a Little Rock ‘N’ Roll

rocknrollAlright! I’ll admit it! I’ve been known to wear a metal heel now and then. In fact, the shoes I wore to my wedding reception were white and silver strappy sandals with a silver heel. I still own a pair of black leather d’orsays with an ankle strap and a silver heel. And perhaps my favorite shoe of all time was a jungle print shoe with a gold heel.  (And yes, I am well aware of how hideous that sounds! Ha ha!)

But shoe designers have taken rock ‘n’ roll to the next level! Metal is no longer on the heel…but on the shoe itself! And while I truly appreciate and admire these designs…even I would be afraid to wear them. I could see myself ripping up my legs and possibly inflicting damage on others! Ha ha!

If you are ever in a mood to kick some serious a**… perhaps slip your feet in some of these!





Pumps with studs.


spikes2Pumps with spikes.

spikes4Pumps with serious attitude.

Here’s to you SM who wore heels with spikes on NYE! You go, girl!

Happy Shoeing!


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