Waiting for the Perfect Wedge

BC-Footwear-shoes-Hollywood-Ending-(Red-Leather)-010604Summer is fast approaching (although we’re still recovering from a fresh three inches of snow!), and I am desperately searching for my go-to daily summer shoe!  Specifically, a casual, yet spunky shoe with some height that I can throw on to grab groceries, pick the kids up from school, get the oil changed, etc.

Living outside of Boulder (where there is an unwritten rule against wearing stilettos) and working from home, I now have quite a selection of flats (gasp!). But I am searching for something more fun. I am seeking a cute, summer wedge.

Typically, I am not a wedge girl. I have a really hard time walking in heavy, clunky wedge heels. Ironically, I am much more stable in 4+” stilettos than I am in wedges.

That said, I on the hunt for the perfect wedge.

I found it once. It was the summer of 2007, and I stumbled upon the Hollywood Ending shoe by BC Footwear. I immediately fell in love with it!

It was a retro-inspired peep-toe wedge with polka dots and a tiny bow. The manageable 2 3/4″ wedge heel was made out of synthetic (almost rubber-like) material so it felt like a taller gym shoe! It was perhaps the perfect wedge. Correction. It was the perfect wedge.

I loved this shoe so much, I bought two pairs in case I ruined the white heel!

BC Footwear has since designed some similar shoes (Milkshake, Sprint, Three’s Company, and even this season’s Break the Ice), but nothing compares to the Hollywood Ending.

Here’s hoping for a Hollywood ending to this situation! Off to shop…

Happy Shoeing!


One thought on “Waiting for the Perfect Wedge

  1. It’s great to have you back!  I’ve missed you, Mamasshoes!


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