Retip, Repair or Replace?

heelrepairWe’ve all been there! We get dressed for the day, slip on our favorite heels, walk out of the house, get into work and head to the break room for some caffeine. As we enter the kitchen, we are shocked, embarrassed, and paralyzed by the AWFUL clicking sound of a worn down heel on the kitchen floor.

Yes. We have worn our beloved shoes down to the pin that holds the tip of the heel to the heel shaft.

Not knowing what else to do, we walk around on the balls of our feet for the remainder of the day hoping our fellow shoe lovers don’t hear (or at least recognize) that embarrassing sound!

We suffer through the day and make it home. But now what? Do we retip, repair or replace?


To my surprise, there are quite a few do-it-yourself retipping products. This is a great way to quickly repair our heels!

HighheelersHigh Heel Healers ($9.95/kit)

A tip repair tool kit that includes various pads, a filing board and glue. Contained in a drawstring pouch, this kit would fit in our purse or desk!




New Heel Tips ($5.95/pair)

Purchase abrasion resistant replacement heel tips in various shapes, sizes and colors. We will need a pair of pliers and a hammer for this DIY project.



GoGo Heel ($6.50/pair)

For those of us that don’t want to use tools, there is the Quick Tips® Instant Heel Cap by GoGo Heel. Simply attach a new cap over the old heel tip using a no-residue, self-fusing band. Unfortunately, Quick Tips is a temporary solution and will only protect the heel until we can get to a shoe repair shop.



In my opinion, having a cobbler professionally repair our heels for $7.50/pair (or more) is worth every penny! I’ve had several pairs retipped and have never had retip a pair more than once!


While we never need an excuse to go shoe shopping, it is nice NOT to have to buy yet another pair of black leather pumps. If we can repair our go-to shoes and keep them around for the rest of the season, doesn’t that free up our ‘shoe budget’ for a new, more fun pair of shoes? I think so!

Happy Shoeing!


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