Bathing Suits and a Boot

Fiestaskullpp-P-A_zps3f8a51ebBy any measure, this week has been (and will continue to be) one amazing week! My daughter has shown interest in potty training; we close on our new house; and Bill and I head to Mexico with some of our closest friends (sans kiddos)!

But instead of packing my new ‘Mexico’ stilettos (pictured here), I’ll be sporting a boot. Why yes – a big, clunky, black, Velcro Darco boot.

Let me explain.

As part of our dinner routine, the kids have to clear the table. Last night, our daughter wanted to carry the glasses! A wonderful idea for this new “big girl.” Unfortunately, she slipped on the way to the kitchen and launched one of the glasses across the apartment foyer where it crashed into the front door shattering into pieces.

I quickly banished the kids and pets to the family room and started to clean up.

Living in a two-bedroom apartment, you get creative as it relates to closet space and where things are stored. As I pulled the vacuum cleaner out of the office closet, Bill’s ski bag (complete with ski boots and helmet) fell square on the second toe of my right foot.

After a few choice words, I convinced the kids that I was ok! (Bill was out to dinner with his boss).

I’ve broken this toe before so I decided to have it checked before heading to Mexico. Well, the break was confirmed, and now I am now banished to wearing bathing suits and a boot!

But don’t fret! I’ll still find a way to have a good time in Mexico – boot and all!

Happy Shoeing!




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