Are You Using Protection?

PYPHa ha ha! No…I am not talking about rubber. I’m talking about plastic!

Have you ever purchased a new pair of shoes that you absolutely LOVE? I’m talking real love. So much love that you don’t want to wear them outside for fear of ruining the pristine leather soles?

Well, worry no more!

Introducing Protect Your Pumps.

Protect Your Pumps is a protective transparent plastic adhesive that is placed on the bottom of the shoe and serves as a buffer between the sole and the ground.

A simple, yet genius idea by a woman from Milwaukee! YAY!

Protect Your Pumps can be worn between 5 and 11 times depending on the surface on which you walk. The adhesive will attract some dirt, but will keep your shoes protected.

You have to check out some of the ‘protected vs unprotected’ photos!

Protect Your Pumps sell for $8 per pair or $20 for three. You can also purchase PYPs for flats!

Here’s to great looking uppers AND lowers!

Save Your Soles and Happy Shoeing!



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